“Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they are not real before you hold them in yours arms. But once you do, every things changes.” –David Platt

The Holy Spirit Child welfare Home is a non-government, non-political and non-profitable organization. It is in lalitpur and its programs began in 2009 with funding. It relies exclusively on public and private donation to run its facilities.The organization registered with the government of Nepal and is affiliated to social welfare Council. but it doesn’t get any contributions from the government of Nepal

Most of our children especially came from the Myagdi district which is affected by the civil war in 2004.Many people was victimized and many children as the most vulnerable group as well. Many children were forced to leave their places to find food and work. Unfortunately the cities exploit thousands of children for their cheap labor and others are very often found starving on the street. The children have been robbed their childhood in Nepal .Every child deserve to have a childhood, so they are brought here. Holy Spirit child Home receives children from different villages from Myagdi district thoroughly recommended by village development committee. So many children are orphaned and have been abandoned. Some children are becoming victims through the social and political turmoil, displaced by civil war and natural disaster. Many children lost their childhood rights. The children were malnutrition, they have various diseases. (Respiratory, hypertension, herpes) and they have getting affliction. Many children are forced to slaves in their village. They have difficulties to get education in the village they walk over an hour to reach the school in Myagdi district. So Holy Spirit child home provides facilities to children and they are getting shelter here.

We are truly believe in providing them food, shelter, clothes, quality education and Medical care to ensure their bright future.